The Predator Playlist

It’s not very hard to find a good sex angle for Shark Week coverage, and I’m glad to use this pop culture fetish to introduce my “lady shark” theory. In modern mythology, lady sharks are the strong, luscious, smart above-average women who get high on sex and who can’t get no satisfaction to the point where their dominating vibe can become overwhelming for men – who, afterall – are simple creatures (unless they’re artists of course). Classic case? Mrs. Robinson…

I got a kick out of Venus in Heels’ latest post Oversexed: Is the modern’s woman’s amped up sex drive emasculating men? and her take on the subject matter. Right in time for Shark Week, which celebrates predators, her article offers an insightful commentary on how girls from my generation can and actually should use this new-found (possibly aggressive) libido for a better good. But can sharks really be tamed?

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(Photo via Alias Under Cover)

And here is an unpretentious predator playlist, just for the hell of it…

(Photo via A Bright Wall in a Dark Room)

Another awesome find about predatorial women? She may be no shark, but she’s definitely a cougar! Liz Earls, in her steamy book Days of a Cougar, documents her transformation from overweight middle-aged office assistant to erotic photographer and sex goddess.



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