Shark-Inspired Fashion: Stylish Picks for the Shark Lover

We scoured the Internet to put together this stylish selection of sharky statement pieces you will always love. Enjoy!

Shark Tooth Ring from Max And Chloe > Shark Suit from minimarket > Sally The Shark ring from Noir Jewelry

Shark Jaws Charm Necklace from Evelyn Mae Creations > Shark Tooth Wrap Around Bracelet from Charlie and Marcelle

Woman’s Shark Paratrooper Top Secret Project T Shirt from Last Earth > Shark-print merino wool scarf from Virginia Johnson > Bowtie for Little Boys Blue Sharks from Me&Matilda > Baby Shark Teeth Oval Hoops by Mixology NYC

Super rad Shark Swimsuit > What are you doing for Shark Week pin from Alison Books

Shark Opener Necklace from CXXV > Ladyshark Bra > Dangling Shark Tooth Bracelet from Anarchy Street

A Shark in my soup from Apostolos Porsanidis > Shark Pillowcase from Royalcane

I love you more than Shark Week cards from Sweet Dee


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