Art Crush: Masked Denim

Sydney-based photographers Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins are contributing to an exhibition called ‘Denim‘ — A material investigation into the use of denim in craft, art and design at Melbourne based gallery, Mr Kitly. I instantly thought of BL33N, a Matthias & Donovan Vriens-Mgrath project – the duo create tees with mask-inspired faces printed on the inside, meant to replace your own when you flip the tee inside out and wrap it around your head. It also caught my attention since I made a limited edition run of recycled denim & leather onesie-earrings last summer. I read up on an interview with Lyn and Tony and when asked why, here’s what they had to say: “… Create objects that you least expect to be made in denim. So we decided to create two masks woven from denim straps, recycled from denim jeans. Masks are usually used to hide or disguise [and] we wanted to contrast this by photographing them on an exposed naked body.” Recycled art that may be a bit uneasy for some, yet totally up my alley for gawking purposes. Feast on the denim-masked fringe below, and if you’re intrigued enough, catch the entire interview here.




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