Hit or Miss: Single Girlfriend

Business trips are way more fun when you’re the one on the road than when you’re stuck holding fort at home, right? Although being separated for a while can spice up a relationship, it can just as well lead to awkward bullshit and tear you apart. Success lies in your attitude… so here are some tips on how to be a super awesome single girlfriend:

HIT: Love sexting is ok. Snap saucy pics on the daily to remind your man of what he’s got.

MISS: Go overboard on an Insta rampage and inadvertently let out a nipple slip.

35% of Americans, particularly iPhone users, have online regrets.

HIT: Adjust your World Clock on your phone to keep track of the time difference, so you don’t hit him up at 4 in the am when he’s catching some sleep.

MISS: Worry if you don’t hear from him as much as when he’s in town. Remember, trust and confidence is sexy. He’s just busy.

HIT: Get some work done and focus on being productive. Reorganize the kitchen or the closet. Dive into past due accounting.

MISS: Fall into the bored trap and feel like you have to go out drinking every night.

HIT: Use this time apart to catch up with girlfriends you usually don’t have time to spend with when you’re in the love zone.

MISS: Step on his turf and hang out with his friends because they remind you of him.

HIT: Go lingerie shopping and surprise him with a new kit when you pick him up at the airport or greet him at the door.

MISS: The obvious: forget to shave your legs and spend two weeks looking like a bear.

HIT: Get a plush animal so you’re not sleeping alone.

MISS: Send him pics of you and the plush animal… unless he asks for it!

Thoughts, blog readers?

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