Colorado Isn’t Just for Cowboys

I love living in California, and I love visiting Colorado. This trip was a bit of a last minute ordeal… I got a call from my sister that my dad was flying she and I to Denver to surprise my mom. My dad is cute that way, he loves the look on her face when he throws these big surprises. My parents live in Pennsylvania, and flew out with my youngest brother to visit my other brother.

There are four of us kids. However, a visit from my sister and I wasn’t part of the original plan, at least as far as my mom knew. We rallied, and surprised my mom at the restaurant that night where they had dinner reservations. My sister walked up to her – she was at the bar with her back to us – and grabbed her shoulders. She turned around and burst into tears. Happy tears, of course. My dad smiled from ear to ear, I teared up, my brothers laughed. All four kids are spread out all over the country, so we don’t often get a chance to be together as a family. It was an epic moment. Below I have put together a photo board, not so family oriented, but very Colorado. In the end, I got to snowboard in the back country. I would call that a perfect trip.

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