The Animated New York City

There was a time in the ’90s when animated gifs were all the rave, do you remember that? Well, this emotive format has made it’s way back into the mainstream and propelled online creativity to the next level, where people are using it as a more “fine art” outlet. New York City based photographer/blogger Jamie Beck has incorporated animated gifs into her body of work recently, and we LOVE her documentation of New York Fashion Week 2011, which make you feel as if you are almost there. You get a behind-the-scenes peek at the glamour of the much-anticipated fashion show – a slight blow of the hair and a blink of the eyes – mixed in witha few classic gifs of city life.


Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Isosceles is a unique, independent label making waves out of London with their debut collection. Deriving their name from geometry, their designs swathe the female body in an architectural rainbow of graphic and figure-flattering neon shapes.

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All Hail the Halter…