Inspiration From The Moscow Runways

Looking at the Moscow runways makes me all giddy. Here are some crazy / beautiful Fall highlights from Russia’s best fashion designers, as seen on The Cut. Bring on the drama!

A design by Konstantin Gayday.

A design by Slava Zaitsev.

A design by Lyudmila Norsoyan.

A design by Mariya Tsuman, in the ContrFashion show.

A design by Slava Zaitsev.

A design by Nastya Kurbatova.

A design by Elena Souproun.

A design by Laurel.

Above: A design by Gulnara Karimova.

A design in the Laboratoriya 13 show.

Above: A design in the Young Designers Collective Show.

Fashion designer Slava Zaitsev.

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