Street Art Mecca: Clarion Alley

You could ALMOST walk by the incredible outdoor art exhibit called Clarion Alley in San Francisco’s Mission District… but then with a turn of the head and an artist’s eye… it’s ALMOST hard to miss. Located between Mission/Valencia and 17th/18th street, Clarion Alley has kept up its mystical bohemian tradition since the 1960s. You feel like you’ve bumped into a museum for street art, and be aware that the fleeting experience you have there. After all, it is street art, and the eye-catching murals will soon be replaced with work by new artists. But that’s the nature of the game, and that’s what is so beautiful about it.

(ABOVE: A Banksy, the lone Indian around the corner on the next alley)

(All photos by Abby Wilcox)

Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Isosceles is a unique, independent label making waves out of London with their debut collection. Deriving their name from geometry, their designs swathe the female body in an architectural rainbow of graphic and figure-flattering neon shapes.

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