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Four Aces Makes the Cut by formento + formento

Just like the saying – ‘It’s all in the details’ – good fashion photography prescribes to this mantra. People don’t realize how much attention to detail is needed for every shot, from finding the right model, to the perfect hair tease, lip color, garments, accessories and props. Not to mention expert lighting and skill to transform the everyday beauty into the girls you see here. formento + formento has perfected this process, as seen in their latest series, Episode Finale Dance. But the key to these lonely Mad Men-esque fashion images was the professional film rental set/movie location Four Aces.

The set consists of a classic Route 66-style diner, a weathered gas station and a 1950s motel. Just a short drive from Los Angeles – Four Aces sits on 25 acres in one of California’s most picturesque deserts – and is especially brilliant for photographers looking to take advantage of beautiful desert natural light. You can even rent a classic car! We thought it an interesting twist to shine light on the behind the scenes production that goes into making a good photo, and Four Aces certainly fits the bill. Take a look at the images by formento & formento shot at the location!



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