Hollywood’s New Playa

Last week we checked out Chef John Rivera Sedlar‘s new spot, Playa. Seated on a high table in the bar area next to the actress formally known as Pippi Longstocking (gotta love West Hollywood), we indulged in a variety of muy interesting latin-inspired plates & cocktails mixed by Julian Cox. Take a peek at some of our favorite dishes.

What She Said ($13) – Cachaca, strawberry, fresh citrus, sasparilla, bitter lemon soda.

Papas Salsa Verde ($7) – Kennebec potatoes, avocado, chiles serrano, micro cilantro.

Octo-Palm ($13) – Grilled octopus, palm hearts, scallions, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, oven-dried red onion.

Maize Cake Breakfast ($11) – Egg, pan-seared potato, espuma de queso, black trumpet mushrooms, truffle cheese.

Lipsticks ($13) – Sweet peppers, crab, corn, olive oil, sorbet morado, rosemary oil, sal de colima, citrus beet pintura.

Maize Cake Wild Mushrooms ($12) – Black garlic & olive “soil,” exotic mushrooms, l’explorateur cheese, porcini espuma, chives.

Playa, 360 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood. 323-933-5300.

Photos by Dennis Martin

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