Hot Wives

As sexually liberated women, we should all aspire to be a hot wife. And no, I am not talking baking cookies and holding down mundane house chores while donning four-inch stilettos – although that’s always a well-respected and welcomed activity. Nope, I am hinting at a complete different type of hot wife. This subgroup of hot wifery is encouraged to live out her wildest fantasies, is unapologetic about her sexuality, and gets off with whomever she wants to, all with the blessing of her understanding and appreciative happy-to-be-cuckolded husband. While this sounds far too good to be true, the Hot Wife is an actual phenom within the sexual alternative lifestyle community.

To successfully pull off the role of a hot wife you first need a secure husband or partner who will be happily complicit in your infidelity. The foundation of this unconventional relationship requires a husband or partner who gets off on the idea of other men enjoying his wife or girlfriend, while he stays true to his cheating wife. The male partner fantasizes about other men sexually pleasing his wife, but unlike a polyamorous relationship, the connection for the wife stops at sex. Love is reserved for her husband only.

The very definition of this brand of sexual stimulation requires the hubby to be welcoming and accepting of the wife’s forays outside of the marital bed, while he, himself does not stray sexually. To some this may appear to be a twisted double standard, but what woman wouldn’t want an arrangement like this? Commonly, in cuckold relationships, the wife has a wild romp with another lover only to return to her man who she then sexually satisfies while relaying all the dirty details of her last conquest. The partner of a hot wife may also opt to watch the action unfold, her pleasure with her other lover serving as voyeuristic foreplay before he takes her as his own.

In some cases, the more promiscuous a wife, the more her husband is devoted to her and erotically stimulated by her naughty liaisons. And, just because a husband involved in a modern cuckold relationship enjoys reliving or witnessing his wife’s infidelities, this in no way means that he isn’t an assertive, confident, “I-wear-the-pants” kind of manly man. On the contrary, this type of devotion to his wife’s pleasure requires a male specimen that is more secure than your average dude. It may seem like a dream come true, but they do  exist. Let me know when you wrangle a cuckold cutie of your own…

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