City of Lights

You want to know why I moved to L.A.? Take a peek at this photographic mood board by our new art & photo contributor Abby Wilcox, and you’ll get a good sense of it. There is so much to see in Los Angeles; it’s like a visual puzzle. The smog lingers above the skyline in the early morning, to later envelop the city in a blanket of lemon and tangerine goodness. “I photograph the mundane, things that most people don’t notice, but that somehow speak strongly (although I couldn’t help myself with the Church of Scientology). Maybe I should have been photographing chicks with long legs and fake tans – I mean, shit, there are a lot of them,” Abby says.

God knows I love them, but they’re not what I moved to L.A. for. I moved for the sky, the freaks and the birds. I can proudly sing along with The Decemberists; Los Angeles I’m yours.

Who’s with me?



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