A Photographic Tribute To James Dean

If I had to describe my style I’d say I got the classic skater look going: tight worn jeans, torn up skate shoes, band or brand tee and a hoodie. This is and has been my style for years, as I came up skating, listening to rap and rock n’ roll. But recently a close girl friend of mine who runs an amazing denim line suggested I should rock an old school vintage leather jacket.

Now I’m a creature of habit, so at first I wasn’t too keen on the whole idea. But she was set on it and said I didn’t have a choice in the matter – sure enough she found a vintage shop somewhere here in Hollywood and picked up a perfectly worn leather jacket from 1968 (thank you Sugar Momma)…

As instructed by the fashion diva, I kept my hoodie on and added the leather jacket to my outfit. I gotta say… not too shabby. Made me think of James Dean, I mean how can you go wrong with James Dean? He IS the classic cool.

Now that I got my cool on, I’ve been testing the waters with this jacket and I must say I would have never imagined the huge difference that one article of clothing can make. I don’t know if it’s the whole rock n’ roll look or the bad boy thing – whatever it is girls seem to love a guy who can pull off the leather jacket. A turned head to notice the jacket can turn into a smile, the smile into a hello, and a hello into a drink. Your imagination can fill in the rest…

I am fortunate enough to be good friends with some women who kill it in the fashion industry, so I have a little help from girls who know what looks good. But for the most part guys, I’m sure if you ask one of your girl friends for a hint or some help with your look they would be more than happy to drop a little knowledge on your forehead. My advice? Soak that knowledge in Dunny!

Pay attention to what these woman want and are talking about. Girls know what other girls want and think. You start to pay attention and figure that shit out and you are on your way.

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