Pre-Season Beauty Thrills and Trends

So it’s no longer the Holidays, and not quite Spring… You don’t have the base tan to be rocking coral tones, but perhaps you’ve grown tired of a matte red lip. Luckily miladies, several beauty trends should help you transition smoothly into the warmer months. Don’t store your burgundies and deep berries just yet – we’ve got things to do…

The SS11 runways contained the usual suspects; dewy skin, flushed cheeks, a subtle glow. However, this pre-season does have some quirky tricks up its sleeve…

1. Lets talk about purple, shall we? It’s regal, it’s flattering, and it’s the perfect bridge between Winter’s Cabernet and Summer’s poppy inspired hues. Victoria Beckham’s SS11 runway showcased a violet shadow swept underneath the eye and continuing up until the brow bone. While this defies the usual law of keeping color on our lower lids, we don’t care. This is a beauty trend, ladies, and it’s very wearable for several reasons. First of all, it wont smear. The best part about going sans-liner is that after a few cocktails you won’t have to run to the ladies room to edit your face. Violet is a flattering color whether you have a warm or cool tone or God gave you light or dark eyes. This is a win-win… and unlike our bold lip options, wacky eye shadow rarely scares the boys away. Try Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eye Shadow in Iridescent Purple.

2. Golds. We are seeing gold everywhere this Spring, which is great news because we still have our Holiday palette impulse buys. Keep it casual by going with a cream formula. Sweep on the entire lower lid for an effortlessly sexy, yet polished vibe. This look- much like our purple shadow- is pretty hard to mess up (Thanks, Rag and Bone!). Kudos for any look we can achieve with our index finger and pair with our last season’s love; the berry lip. Check out Bobbi Brown cream shadow in Burnished.

3. And hey, if you wanna go there… Rodarte’s SS11 gold lip. Fearless makeup junkie take heed- this is a a tricky one. Make sure you have your wits about you for the duration of your evening, an iridescent lip can go south real fast. Try MAC lipstick in Flustered. Disclaimer: expect only to impress the ladies with this look, but who needs co-dependency when you’ve got a runway look for under $20?

4. Beautiful skin goes from a powder highlight to a cream glow as we transition out of the dark days of late Winter gloom. Our old pal, NARS Orgasm now comes in a liquid illuminator. Achieve that post-bedroom glow (that you probably won’t be cultivating after a night of rocking a wacky beauty trend) in one step by dabbing a small amount atop your cheek bone. And while we’re on that glow tip, why not fake instead of bake it with Guerlain’s Terracotta Spray. The perfect light faux-glow to bring you back to life. Mix a spritz in with your foundation, or apply to the high points of the face. Pale is great; but it’s so December/January, and we’re so over it… aren’t we, Alex Wang?

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