Rock Star Wives

Backstage at concerts, girls outnumber instruments. It seems natural to envy those who actually end up marrying a music man, but the fascinating life of rock star wives doesn’t come without a fair share of drama. Takes strong bones to be someone’s muse without losing a piece of yourself… or breaking the band. Here’s a photographic tribute to our favorite rock stars lovers, stay tuned for a series of exclusive interviews. ♥

Anita Pallenberg + Keith Richards

Marianne Faithfull + Mick Jagger

Patti Hansen + Keith Richards

Bianca + Mick Jagger

Jane Birkin + Serge Gainsbourg

Jerry Hall + Mick Jagger

Bebe Buell + Stiv Bators

Suze Rotolo + Bob Dylan

Linda + Paul McCartney

Pamela Courson + Jim Morrison


Sharon + Ozzy Osbourne

Karen Elson + Jack White

Kate Moss + Jamie Hince

Daniela Morselli + Tommie Sunshine


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