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Hard Up For Habana: Chris Habana’s Jewelry Creations

Unapologetic is the first word that comes to mind when viewing Chris Habana’s jewelry creations. Club kid meets pop-goth cross-loving punk, this line is clearly designed for those of us who like it rough… no pun on myself.  A dark, late 1980′s/early 1990′s inspired collection that oddly enough feels uplifting and fresh, and yet again, a designer that gets what I want to dip myself in.

I saw some of his pieces this past summer at Urban Outfitters, and while mentally clicking like, I still lusted for the more solo, studio creations. Skulls and crosses, chains, ear cuffs and cage finger rings are what I’m talking about, with a spin on rosaries that would probably take my own personal collection out for a night of clubbing to live a little.

One of my favorite things about Habana’s collection is that it feels three dimensional. Some works inspire mini cages, allowing the perfect mix of drama meets simplicity to be present. I see the real club kid through his work. I want to see him spin a slave bracelet and name it after me, perhaps. Yes, I get technical in my dissection, and I’m completely hard up for his slide show:



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