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Two-Finger Ring Shaped Like a Guitar

We all know how I love a knuckle duster. I had friends from New York and Chicago email me by the dozen when we posted about Good Wood NYC, confused as to what style to get. Viv and I gasped, wine in hand last night at our mini au revoir holiday salute, when we stumbled upon this beauty; 14 karat gold fill wire with gold plated charms of silver dice, stars, and skulls graced my presence, and all on a two-finger ring shaped like a guitar.

Guitar – Unjaded by Anne Sammuelson – via Costella and Donola

guitar ring

Use this ring in any of the following situations, and don’t hesitate to add your own personal advice in the comment box if I missed something:

-An old fashioned middle finger to someone that ticks you off. This has to happen during the holidays.

-Pointing in the night sky and yelling, “A shooting star”, only to wave your ring in the air.

-Playing air guitar, lips pouted with eyes closed.

-Saying goodbye with a reverse peace sign, as shown in the image above. Take a photo like this, too.

-Smoking a cigarette, slowly. Preferably with black nail polish on.

-Trying to pickup Lindsay Lohan.

-Making snow angels. If you’re in L.A., you can pretend to do this in your bed; with only said ring on.

-Telling your friends a story in the shape of a newscaster – make it the weather girl por favor.

-Putting your favorite lipstick on in public. It’s red, right?

-Picking out the fallen olive in your dirty martini and guiding it to your mouth, keeping it in between your lips for a hot minute.

-Waving someone over to you, but in this case, like you are directing traffic. Flash ring to fellow passers by.

-Putting your hands on your face while shrieking at dramatic news; keeping the hand wearing the ring there for 3 seconds longer.

-Simply just shoving it in people’s face to show it off – constantly.

-A blow job, obviously, in any setting.



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