Year Of The Vintage Cyborg, Laura Lombardi Jewelry

I first caught a glimpse of Laura Lombardi‘s stunning work thanks to a rad Tinseltown publicist I like to call Garberella, whose personal jewelry vault is to drool over, literally. Being a huge fan of anything Mad Max, I enjoyed Lombardi’s designs; they reminded me of vintage, simplified cyborg jewelry using old school materials: fine metals, brass and copper. Thumbs way up. Color and tone vary due to the bad-ass nature of all the materials used to formulate my top picks. The following descriptions, pulled directly from Lombardi’s shopping cart, are like music to my ears. Let’s start with a sold out piece – you know – just to tease you a bit:

Triangle Cascade Necklace, $115, SOLD OUT

Geometric vintage brass earrings that measure 2″ in length, and .5″ in diameter at the widest point…

Geometric Spike Earrings, $22

16″ multi-layered necklace made from vintage brass chains and brass bar/clip components (YUMMY)

Stacked Rectangle Necklace, $70

Layered strands of vintage tube, faceted and spiked raw with un-plated brass beads. 6.5 inches in length and closes with a brass clasp…

Nest Bracelet, $80

Heavy necklace made from 3 tiers of vintage brass and copper tubes and charms. Limited edition of 20…

Copper & Tube Fringe Necklace, $155

Heavy necklace made from 3 tiers of vintage brass and copper tubes and charms. Edition of 20…



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