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Road Head: Hit or Miss

Guys LOVE road head, and just like for any blow job scenario they’ll appreciate it even more if the idea actually comes from you. But what if you don’t really know what you’re doing? How do you make your first experience a successful one? Read these precious tips on how to give road head!

Hit: Choose a classic American car with a bench seat and automatic transmission, so you’ll be comfortable.
Miss: He’s definitely not getting a hummer in a Hummer!

Hit: Pick a good stretch of road. Make your move on the 15 entering Las Vegas from Los Angeles.
Miss: No go on the West Side Highway or Mulholland drive.

Hit: Tune to a hip hop radio station. The beat will give you a great rhythm. Biggie always does the trick…
Miss: Slayer.

Hit: Trust his ability to drive straight. He won’t lose control of the car.
Miss: Grab the steering wheel when he cums in your mouth.

Hit: Adidas track pants. Give his balls enough room to “breathe…”
Miss: Skinny jeans!

Hit: Swallow or be prepared with an empty coffee cup!
Miss: Spit the boys out on the highway!

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