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Chicago: Tacos & Whiskey? Yes, Please.

Walking around Chicago’s most bustling, old school meets newbie hipster neighborhood, we stumbled upon a rad Honky-Tonk Taqueria. Say What? When the boys from Avec, Blackbird, and Violet Hour team up, a well lit Big Star is born where tacos meet whiskey. A group of powerhouse entrepreneurs (Donnie Madia, Terry Alexander, Peter Garfield, Paul Kahan, Edward Seitan) who have had their hands on everything from Danny’s Tavern to Blackbird have set up their latest, can’t-miss spot in Wicker Park.

Do you prefer your western shirts from Barneys gear? Sure enough, the bartenders have them on while they play country LPs on turntables from behind the bar. How about one-of-a-kind boutique distilleries? Prepare to order up some unknown tequilas, whiskeys, and cheap brews. We think you get Big Star’s angle, but let’s add in tacos with organic, sustainable ingredients which you can order in the bar, or skip by and grab from a pickup window. Yee-haw to say the least.

Simplified and atmospheric like some of our favorite places in the Chi-City that are raw talent, Big Star blends into the culture and originality of Wicker Park. A thick wooden bar in the center of our taco and whiskey haven with black and stainless steel stools, all you want to do is just park it, discover the bottles that stare at you, and order up all of three delicious tacos they have on the menu.

Total bill for 3 tacos, 1 tostada, 1 bag of chips and salsa, 1 Wild Turkey, 2 Green Flash IPAs, 2 Lone Stars, 1 guacamole, 1 order of Frijoles Charros: $46

1531 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622



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