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Rob Roy’s Carmencita

I had the privilege of cooking for Rob Roy at a dinner party I threw at my crib this summer. He was (and maybe still is) staying away from meat, so vegetarian stuffed peppers were on the menu. One of his producers and long time friend, Lucian Walker, was in contact with a couple of other friends of mine, including my favorite tiny man from NYC, Christopher Dang. As the hours passed and peppers nearly burned, Lucian and Rob were glued to my computer, and with my Harman Kardon plugged-in, the music started thumping. High fives and repeat songs were formulating between the two artists and from my kitchen I thought, “Lucky me. They live it, they breathe it, and it’s happening right in my living room.” At the end of the night, he told me to watch for a new track and video that would be dropping soon – Carmencita.

I had a slight idea of what type of sound the world was in store for. The excellence of Roy’s first major hit song and video, Fur In My Cap, got me so hot I even had an A&R intern friend show and tell it to Interscope with the following conclusion: “It’s just too much and too weird.” I told her that she was fucking crazy. Needless to say, the tune changed once the record label superiors attended his show at The Roxy’s On The Rox one night and dubbed him as their discovery; another proof that the entertainment industry is full of robots. That being said, Roy’s innovation reaps confidence – he knows he’s got gold.

“For those of you inquiring – I have 22 tracks and 2 albums; Dollar Out Of 15 Cents and King Warrior Magician Lover. Currently working on my 3rd project to be released on Dim Mak Records,” was Roy’s recent Facebook status update, and that’s what we like to hear! The write-ups will keep rolling in, and since I have something to do with it, LIVE FAST will rapidly follow this musical innovator’s journey and bring you up to speed on his whereabouts.

Don’t miss this beautiful new video by a promising young music man:



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