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Inspiration Board: Military Jewels

Fall fashion gains momentum as the chill rushes in, and so does our need for solidified statement accessories. Every look we create is not yet complete without the most sought-after trend in our continued fall accessory hunt; military-inspired adornments have arrived and are exactly what we’ve been craving. If this style that has been trending for a couple of seasons, it’s finally found a way to spread itself thick. Ladies – don’t go overboard with this trend, and remember that not every piece of this trend needs to be camo; morphing military with other fall trends works, especially when you throw in faux fur elements, the color red, and bush out those eyebrows. Guys – we’re always down to discover a bullet underneath those clothes… Check it out!

Anita Ko Bullet Necklaces

Bullet Pendant Necklaces: the most sought-after and easy to wear accessory. Splurge online on or tend to your nearest Army Surplus store and stack up on budget finds, then bling bullets out in studs, crystals, or paint black.

Shoulder Accessory from Epaulet Collection

Here’s where we get the most excited; shoulder jewelry in RTW styles is simply genius. Tap into your Mad Max alter ego and Final Fantasy character for shoulder armor with this style by Seville Michelle Anastos and hold on tight – these are still a bit rare and we predict the saturation when winter is in full swing.

Jumbo Love Brooch

A no-brainer and this season’s easiest DIY accessory, all you need to do is grab your favorite charms, slide them on a jumbo safety pin and stamp your jacket, bag or sleeve with it. Or get it ready to go on



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