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In Focus: Chris Callaway’s Dark Palette

Following photographer Chris Callaway’s work for quite some time now, we’ve gained perspective on his inspiration and his spot-on eye for everything haute – and kneel forth upon his execution. Imagine how thrilled we are to release his first fashion editorial contribution for LIVE_F>A>S>T!

Callaway is not your quintessential American man. Yes, he was born and bred in Oklahoma, but his father lived in Europe for over ten years, allowing young CC to travel and imbibe in European culture – a suitable training for a master storyteller set in the City of Angels. Like most artists, he’s a sponge; strongly influenced by the chaos around him, his work tends to have a slightly darker palette. Each photo shoot focuses on a few key emotions from the present and from his past – a narrative that speaks volumes.

In this gorgeous black & white inspiration board, Callaway teams up with sultry, luxe designer Michel Berandi.

Go ahead, fall in love simultaneously…

Like a ringmaster with hypnotist skills, Callaway is training our senses for a photographic explosion and holding us there for as long as he wants to.

Who needs colors anyway? When in doubt…

Stylist: Adrienne Young

Hair: Sienree Du

MUA: Lernik Grikorian



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