Ask Ladyshark

I created this website with hopes of generating a fun, positive, thrilling and most importantly honest collaborative mood board about sex AND love, breaking some taboos in the process, sharing interesting stories and imagery to drive my readers to second guess their inceptive nature. There is definitely not a right or wrong way of doing things… We are works in progress and our “true nature” constantly redefines itself, especially when it comes to our sexuality. I am no expert maneater or serial dater, my Carrie days are pretty much over – but I do know quite a lot about the art of seduction, the building of relationships and everything naughty & nice that happens in between. One thing for sure is I’m trying to fight against selfless programming. Visit LF’s sex section and feel free to email me with whatever question that’s on your mind, and I’m gonna make sure to address your concern / idea / story in a post (or video!!!)! Let’s go above and beyond.

Cheers, Viv xox

photo by Emanuelle L’Heureux



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