LAS Jewelry’s Recycled Luxe

She: A 2-D painter. He: A 3-D sculptor. One can only imagine what extraordinary things their creative process upholds when it comes to creating jewelry. Combining their fascination for animals and anatomy to old biological and scientific illustrations, the dynamic husband & wife duo that forms LAS Jewelry is in deep. What makes us want the goods even more is that styles vary in reproduction, since Lisa and Dan Soltis heavily rely on precious vintage chains and trims. They know we want one-of-a-kind versus “fresh off the assembly line.”

Here are a few fab pieces!

Wolf Head Ring: $85

Sabertooth & Charms: $175

Golden Crow and Flower Garland: $285

Find LAS Jewerly at Oak in New York and TenOverSix and Em & Co in Los Angeles.




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