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Good Wood: NYC style Knuckle Dusters

Knuckle duster is the urban definition of a ring that fits on two fingers. The ones that Good Wood NYC produce are leaving us feeling hot and bothered right now. At $20 a pop, there are three variations to choose from: a classic brown wood, light or dark brown, the black and white ti-dye, or the red and wood blood spatter. Take your finger pick: middle and ring, pointer and middle, or ring and pinky and dress it up with some hard-to-top woods – and choose your mood.

Blood Stain Knuckle Duster, $20.00

Knuckle dusters are gaining popularity these days just as fast as gold plated name tags did in the 80′s. Some accessory and jewelry brands do make knuckle dusters in silver and gold, but the aesthetic of simplicity that this New York Good Wood offers top-notch craftsmanship and limited edition curation. Yowza.

Classic Brown Knuckle Duster, $20.00

Holding its own in pop culture, originality and music, Good Wood NYC doesn’t stop there with just finger adornments. The ever so sought after Jesus Piece has craftsmanship one would also heavily seek out. Heavy hitters like Snoop Dog has, and so should you.

Now for some carving time:

Red Jesus, $60.00

Boombox (chain included), $18.00

L’Union Fait La Force, Custom Piece



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